Marketing Institute of Singapore Academy offers executive development programmes to marketing professionals in Singapore and around the region.

Membership Services

Connecting a Community of Marketers

MISA is the one place that connects you to the largest fraternity of sales & marketing professionals in Singapore. Through the regular, high-quality networking events it organises, the Institute has become a hub where marketers congregate, network and exchange knowledge. Whether you are looking to expand your network of like-minded peers, or keen to build your knowledge in the dynamic field of marketing, we have the connections to steer you and your organisation in the right direction.

Executive Development Services

Continuous Training, Learning & Development for Professionals and Corporations

MISA also plays a leading role in providing training, learning & development solutions to professionals and corporations in Singapore and around the region. A comprehensive range of Executive Development Programmes is offered that caters to the skills upgrading and professional development needs of executives and managers to keep themselves abreast with industry trends, knowledge and skills. Its custom-designed training programmes also help organisations identify gaps in their workforce competencies and optimise training ROI by tailoring a curriculum to its specific training needs & goals.

Continuing Education Services

Providing A Nurturing Environment for Academic and Personal Excellence

A leading Private Education Institution (PEI) in Singapore and the region, with its wide range of programmes in different specialisations, MISA offers students a quality and holistic education by imparting comprehensive knowledge in the different aspects of business. Driven by a strong vision of Creating and Connecting Marketers, the Institute believes in promoting marketing as a philosophy and developing students holistically within a robust academic framework. The qualifications awarded by MISA are well-regarded and recognised, especially in the fields of Business Management, Sales and Marketing.