Anticipating And Managing Customers Questions Intelligently

by Stanis Benjamin / TR Sakthi

Why You Should Attend This Course

The key to understanding and influencing customers is not only being able to ask the right Introduction questions but also being able to anticipate and respond to questions effectively. Anticipating And Managing Customers Questions allows you to identify clearly and to qualify early their concerns and needs. Anticipating questions also helps reveal the customer’s decision making process and avoid the common selling mistakes.

By focusing on key words in the questions asked, you will be able to understand and respond effectively to the customers current situations and concerns . It helps in building rapport and trust with clients and enable you to Emphasize on Strengths and Reframe Weaknesses accordingly.

  • Develop The Right Strategies And Skills To Anticipate And Manage Questions
  • Understand The Persuasive Power In Anticipating And Responding To Questions
  • Know The Different Classifications of Questions To Respond Effectively
  • Focus On Key Words Contained In Questions To Uncover Needs And Concerns
  • Using Key Words And Themes In Questions To Collect Critical Data To Influence
  • Structure A Planned Approach To Emphasize Strengths And Reframe Weaknesses
  • The Inner Game –Mindset And Skillset In Anticipating And Managing Questions
  • Rules Of Engagement When Anticipating And Handling Questions
  • Sources And Classification Of Questions From Customers
  • Build Trust And Rapport By Anticipating Questions And Providing Right Responses
  • Keys To Be Effective In Anticipating And Responding To Questions
  • Identify Keys Words And Themes In Questions To Uncover Needs And Concerns
  • Focus On Key Words In Questions To Help Identify Customers Decision Making Process
  • Structure A Planned Response Process To Emphasize Strengths And Reframe Weaknesses

This experiential workshop is facilitated through a variety of adult learning techniques, role-plays, lectures, group discussion, situational analysis, exercises and participants’ presentations.

(Course will be conducted by one of the following trainers)

Stanis Benjamin, Master Facilitator and Distinguished Toastmaster, is a motivational humorist and an accomplished speaker, consultant and trainer in the fields of business presentation skills, sales, communication, customer service, leadership and strategies for personal success. As a coach, consultant and keynote speaker, he has addressed many companies and institutions and helped senior executives, high-achieving professionals and beginners to reach higher levels of performance.

Stanis is a thought leader on how to create and sustain high performance. He combines theory with management practices to develop action-oriented techniques for building winning teams. He has been invited as an expert to speak on the topics “Behaviour Focused Communication and Humour in Presentations” and presented on Positive Business Minutes for News Radio 93.8.

He has gained excellent reputation for his work with human resource and training departments of numerous organisations to design and develop Sales, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership and Communication training programmes. Stanis brings with him over 15 years of training and coaching experience and is accredited as an Executive Leadership facilitator.


TR Sakthi is an accomplished speaker, consultant and a highly effective trainer/facilitator conducting Communication, Sales as well as Leadership training. He served the Singapore Armed forces as a Commissioned Officer for 11 years in numerous combat and leadership appointments. As a Sales Professional in Great Eastern, he achieved his company’s top sales professional award in May 2010, Achiever Club Qualifier. He also qualified for the Million Dollar Experience Convention consecutively for two years in Bangkok and Singapore.

Sakthi is a Toastmasters Competent Communicator and motivational humourist, having been the Toastmasters Area level Champion for Humorous speech as well as International speech contests and Table topics Division level Champion. He is currently serving as President in the Toastmasters club. His professionalism as a public speaker is reflected in his unique yet inspirational delivery – a versatile speaker who is able to blend in a repertoire of humour and entertainment effectively in his presentation.

Sakthi has also attained the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment certification. He is qualified in the ‘Art of Coaching and Feedback’, ‘Business Continuity Planning’ and ‘Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning’. He is an Associate Trainer with the Marketing Institute of Singapore, founder and principal consultant at TR Solutions, and a Certified Interactive Training Activities Facilitator by US-based Thiagi Group.


26 Aug 2021
26 Nov 2021

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  • Time: 9am – 5pm
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