Dinosaur or Chameleon? – Change Management in the Disruptive World

by Michael Lum

Why You Should Attend This Course

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.                            

– Leo Tolstoy

Evolution or extinction? Seven years from now, many products, technologies and processes will be extinct. Creative disruption changes the way you work, communicate and live. You are living in a world of impermanence – everything changes, nothing lasts forever.

The internet is the latest revolution that causes untold massive disruption. There will be no more iron rice-bowl jobs. Brick-and-mortar shops suffer “retail apocalypse”. Once bustling shopping centres will morph into “ghost malls”.

Your work functions in a gig-economy. You drive an autonomous vehicle, travel by budget air and live in an Airbnb accommodation. Shopping for your grocery is conducted online. Your education is through elearning and you read ebooks and ezines. Money is raised through crowd funding. You keep cryptocurrency and execute transactions through digital banks. You work in a co-working space and live in a co-living apartment.

Change management is among the top ten coveted skill in the 21st century. Executives who do not know how to manage change will suffer from management incompetence – the inability or refusal to see the reality of changes. In this 2-day interactive workshop, you will appreciate the organizational change evolution.

In this 2-day interactive workshop you will:

  1. Define what is change management
  2. Recognize megatrends that change your life
  3. Discover the danger signals of impending changes
  4. Describe Lewin’s 3 stages of change
  5. Explain Kurt Lewin Force Field Analysis
  6. Illustrate resistance and barriers to change
  7. Appraise 8 steps to change management


  • Why Change?
  • Benefits of change
  • Identifying change
  • Myths about change
  • Key success factors of a successful change

The Change Process

  • Mapping the situation
  • Setting objectives
  • Motivating you and your team
  • Monitoring change and giving feedback

Risks and Obstacles to Change

  • Changing paradigm and boxed thinking
  • Negativities and charged emotions
  • Crisis and tension

The Change Process

  • Analyzing and appreciate change situation
  • Steps for the change process
  • Kurt Lewin’s driving and restraining forces
  • Timothy Gallwey’s inner game
  • The hedgehog and the fox Venn diagram
  • Different change models

Managing Change

  • Motivating employees while managing resistance
  • Initiating action
  • Preventing failures and handling negative feedback
  • Bruce Tuckman’s four phases of team formation


  • Active listening skills
  • Accepting constructive feedback
  • Managing emotions

Adapting to Change

  • New mental outlook
  • Gaining commitment from your employees
  • Encouraging creativity in change
  • Celebrating small wins

For executives who want to get out of their silos, be courageous enough to welcome and adapt to personal and organizational changes in this VUCA world.

Michael Lum holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from National University of Singapore and a Master of Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. To hone in his skills, he pursued a Graduate Diploma (Training and Development) from Civil Service College. Presently, he is completing a Master in Professional Education (Training and Development) in Nanyang Technological University.

For the last 20 years Michael has been speaking in various management topics both in Singapore and in the region. Michael is also an associate faculty with Singapore University of Social Sciences and UPH Indonesia where he teaches Strategic Management and Negotiation Strategies.

He is an associate trainer with Nanyang Technological University, Institute of Chartered Accountants and Centre for Behavioral Studies. He was also an associate trainer with National University of Singapore Extension for 17 years.

Michael is a certified trainer with American Board of NLP (Neuro-linguistics Programming), American Management Association International trainer, Louis Allen Leadership Program, Body Language Micro-Expressions and HRDF in Malaysia. An Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation, he is also an IACT stress management consultant, NGH hypnotherapist, Laughter Yoga instructor, Distinguished Toastmaster and a 6 Seconds EQ trainer. He is a member of Global Speakers Federation.

A wordsmith in his spare time, Michael is the bestselling author of “I Once Wore Diapers”, “Who Broke My Rice Bowl?”, “From Beggars to Millionaires” and “Make the World Your Oyster!”. The first book is translated into 4 languages. He is a regular contributor in management to Recruit, Straits Times.

In recognition of his selfless social contribution for his free workshops amongst mid-life retrenched workers and singles, he was awarded ABC True Hero 2003, a social enterprise award pioneered by ABC Stout. Michael is interviewed regularly by the press, radio and TV for his work.

Stephen C. Lundin, PhD, author of 5 million copy best-selling FISH! describes “Michael as a consummate storyteller. He is passionate about his work and the role of stories as teaching tools.”

Dr Marshall Goldsmith, No: 1 Coach in the world, testifies “Michael is empathetic and purposeful trainer who causes attitudinal changes in his workshops. He places a sand in your oyster, irritates and transform you to a pearl.”

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