Effective Crisis Management Communications

by Gregory Tan

Why You Should Attend This Course

This two-day course is designed to help Managers and Executives understand the principles of effective Crisis Communication Management. Participants will be introduced to communication strategies and tools such as understanding the public mindset and the media, building a relationship with the media, writing press releases, preparing press kits, organising a press conference, and dealing with media interviews in crisis situations. This interactive workshop will also provide useful tips on how to establish and enhance an organisation’s responsiveness to both the public and to the media in extreme crisis situations. Finally we will also prepare the organisation for post-crisis business continuation.

  • Understand the principles of Effective Crisis Communications
  • Develop strategic approaches to Crisis communication
  • Understand the various stages of a crisis and how to identify and deal with them
  • Learn to deal with both the public and media during and after a crisis
  • Understand the use of tools such as press releases, press kits to support publicity programs
  • Organise and manage press conferences to achieve maximum results
  • Deal with the media both tradition and digital in interview and Q&A situations
  • Understanding Crisis Communications and Crisis Management
  • Role of Public Relations and the Media
  • Communicating to both the internal and external publics
  • Developing Strategies in Communications with the Public and the Media
  • Strategic Communication flows and how to control them
  • Creating an effective Crisis Communications plan and manual
  • Creation of emergency response groups
  • Reducing the damage to the company image
  • Crisis and Media Relations/ Command and Control of the Media
  • Business Recovery Programme
  • Those who are in need of understanding the complex and challenging world of Crisis Communications and media control
  • Managers/Executives who need to establish and maintain effective public and media relations.
  • Those who need to gain a better understanding of PR tools like press releases, media announcements, press kits and press conferences during crisis situations
  • Those who wish to learn how to handle media interviews to achieve positive results.
  • People that need to control and maintain public confidence in their organisations.

Gregory Tan   B.A, B.A (Hons), M.A, AMIPRS, Fellow IPRS

Principal Consultant, BSG Communications

Gregory is an experienced Strategic Communications specialist with over 38 years of practical knowledge. He enjoys motivating and helping people in communications. His sessions are lively and inspiring, and many participants of his seminars have commented on the knowledge and experience they have gained during his training sessions. Gregory fully believes in engaging his audience and focuses on improving the way we communicate about ourselves and our organizations we represent.

Gregory is the Principal Consultant with BSG Communications. His company uses a powerful and unique blend of Strategic Communications, Public Relations, marketing and effective management styles to make their customers more successful. He works with local and international clients and companies to promote their messages effectively across all levels of media and mediums. He has been interviewed by the media over his years of practice. He has also trained CEOs and MDs of many corporations, as well as across all levels of Management Staff.

Gregory is a Masters Graduate in Communications Management from the University of South Australia and holds both a BA and an Honours Degree in Mass Communications from the University of Windsor. He was the President of the Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS) and the ex-Chairman of the Federation of ASEAN PR Organisations (FAPRO). He lectures at the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communications as well at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on communications and crisis communications. He also lectures for The University of Newcastle, Murdoch University, Curtin U and CSU. He is experienced in handling both private and public sector issues and has worked on both sides of the track (Corporate and Consultancy). Having served in O&M PR as well as BM in the consultancy track and having worked and transformed both Fraser & Neave as well as the Sembawang Group into leading International corporations using Strategic Communications methods.


20 – 21 Oct 2021
01 – 02 Dec 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
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