Effective Sales Negotiation for Long-Term Profitable Business Relationship

by Cecilia Sim

Why You Should Attend This Course

Negotiations are the essential part of daily business interactions. It is a critical skill required within the context of buyer and seller relationship, internal customers, and business partners.

The skilled negotiators in any negotiation interactions have a clear thought about the interest, needs, and expectations of the difficult, demanding, and challenging customers. They are well prepared and armed with effective negotiation skills, strategies and tactics that help to increase their chances of achieving satisfactory outcomes with other parties during the negotiation process. The successful negotiators build a stronger internal customer relationship, close sales with buyers, deepen the relationship and retain the customer for business profitability and growth.

This workshop will take participants on a journey of discovery on their negotiation strategies and skills. It provides participants a learning and application platform that focus on their development of specific skills, strategies, and tactics for achieving successful negotiation with more satisfactory outcomes. 

  • Plan and prepare for a successful negotiation
  • Understand the negotiation framework, the structured negotiation process for effective negotiation
  • Understand the practical negotiation strategies and styles to improve the negotiation outcomes
  • Practice negotiation skills, strategies, and tactics to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Understand the fundamentals of negotiation
  • Gain insight into the Principled Negotiation Framework, negotiation styles and tactics
  • Develop the characteristics and best behaviours of an effective negotiator
  • Understand the negotiation process to improve bargaining outcomes
  • Plan and prepare for various phases of the negotiation process
  • Understand the FIVE types of negotiation style profile.
  • Adapt negotiation styles when dealing with different customers and situations
  • Apply different types of negotiation tactics/techniques to achieve positive outcomes
  • Sharpen questioning, active listening to understand the needs and expectation of others
  • Apply effective negotiation skills to engage and connect with customers
  • Apply the art of influencing to achieve better negotiation results
  • Recognize the power of personality and communication during the negotiation 

An experiential workshop in which the participants will internalize the learning through ‘real-life’ case scenarios in team/peer-based activities. Learning activities include

  • Interactive discussions and presentations
  • Role-playing exercises
  • Skills building exercises
  • Simulation/workplace case studies 

Sales professionals, sales managers, business development executives, business owners and anyone who need to enhance negotiation to support sales functions.

Cecilia Sim strongly believes that people can develop positive behavioural capabilities and skillsets for personal and professional excellence. Being a practitioner, she is well-versed with practical strategies when facilitating participants and strongly effective in sharing real-life experiences, inspiring for changed mindsets and motivating personnel for better results.  

Cecilia has conducted training for thousands of companies across different industries and cultures in local, regional, and international. She adopts a gap analysis training methodology to facilitate participants through experiential self-discovery. Her practical approach helps participants to gain self-awareness of personal effectiveness, opportunity areas for improvements, and to be proactively ready in action steps for personal development and better results.

Cecilia has more than 25 years of extensive experience in industries such as IT, education, membership and management consulting. Her previous roles include trainer/facilitator, pre-sales consultant, assistant director, and General Managers. Her job responsibilities span across portfolio/brand positioning, change management, performance management to sales performance. She continues to offer training solutions in her expertise in sales, marketing, communication, change and performance management.

Cecilia holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Adelaide, Australia, Bachelor of Business Administration (Honor, major in Management Information System) from the Northeastern University, Boston, USA. She also holds the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), and as a WSQ Certified trainer for Service Professional (CSP) and GEMS (going the extra miles). She is a certified KPI professional by the KPI Institute.

She is the Founder of Softskills Net, a training and management consulting firm focused on developing people to their best at both personal and professional levels.


15 – 16 Nov 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
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