Effective Selling Skills for Maximum Results

by Cecilia Sim


Why You Should Attend This Course

Great and successful salespeople do not just focus on selling – they have a genuine interest in helping customers get what they want and need. Effective selling skills are what differentiate the average salesperson from one who can rise above the competition.

Are your salespersons projecting as professional advisors addressing to the needs of the prospective customers when selling?  Have they practiced effective sales skills/strategies and navigated through sales process that matched customer needs and closed more sales? Do they know how to create rapport and adapt their communication styles to gain desires of customers for positive engagement and conviction to achieve better sales results?    

In this workshop, the salespeople will walk through the sales process, practice sales skills to gain confidence and professionalism for increasing sales productivity and performance.

  • Gain power of positive sales mindset towards achieving sales targets. 
  • Develop the skills, confidence and professionalism to make sales a success.
  • Practice highly successful sales habits for better performance.
  • Develop sales mindset and attitudes that drive commitment to sales target
  • Understand the roles of a salesperson and the consultative sales approach
  • Map sales cycle  with flexibility to buyers’ process and purchase behaviours
  • Qualify prospects and existing customers for new business opportunities
  • Plan for successful sales calls with an objectives in mind
  • Create positive first impression and sales conversation
  • Articulate compelling product value proposition to buyers’ unique needs
  • Sharpen active listening and questioning skills for customer discovery,  solutions fit,  and stronger relationship
  • Use of voice, vocal, visuals and verbal to control sales dialog and influence closing
  • Overcome sales objections with closing techniques
  • Nurture and engage prospects/customers for more selling opportunity and deeper relationship
  • Adapt communication styles that fit individual customers’ styles for closing business opportunities faster
  • Recognise the power and impact of positive sales mindset
  • Understand the role of a salesperson and the consultative sales approach
  • Develop the characteristics of a star salesperson
  • Identify and map the buying motivation and needs of the customers
  • Learn the steps of sales cycle – prospecting, presenting, closing and follow up
  • Present and demonstrate your product and services confidently
  • Plan and prepare to advance in the sales cycle and control selling situations
  • Practice specific questioning techniques for uncovering customers’ intellectual and emotional needs
  • Improve and adapt your communication styles to address different types of customers
  • Apply empathy and active listening to read customers’ cues and interest
  • Practice language skills to control flow, direction and tone of each sales call
  • Develop professional manner to handle customer objections smoothly
  • Deliver sales promises for customer trust and retention

This is a practical, interactive and lively workshop. Facilitator will engage and encourage peer and group practices using realistic sales scenarios when conducting gap analysis for their reflection, review and, critiques on areas of improvements. Participants engage in experiential hands-on learning through mini-lectures, assessments, group discussion, role plays, skills-building activities and simulated case studies.

Any sales executives or newly appointed salesperson who wants to master the art of fundamental selling skills. Also for sales professionals who want to refresh their sales skills.

Cecilia Sim, Corporate Facilitator

Cecilia strongly believes that people can develop their potential at both the personal and professional level. She is highly enthusiastic and motivated in facilitating participants to uncover and develop their personal and professional potentials. Being a practitioner, she facilitates and engages participants by using simulated real-life cases and practical examples to enhance their learning and application. Cecilia includes gap analysis training methodology and walks participants through the self-discovery process to review workplace experiences, highlight necessary changes, and revitalizes the next few action steps for personal development and better results.

She has strong people skills and cross-border experiences in working with participants across different industries and cultures in the region. Cecilia has more than 25 years of extensive industry experiences from her various roles as trainer/facilitator, pre-sales consultant, assistant director, and General Managers across the MNC, SMEs, and Start-ups of various industries including IT, education, membership, and management consulting. Her responsibilities for director and general management role include portfolio repositioning, change management, performance management and sales results of her team and organization.

Cecilia is a bilingual facilitator and has broad experience in facilitating training for thousands of companies from different industries. Her key competencies include corporate training, course development, mentoring, and management consultancy services in the areas of sales, marketing, management, communication and customer services. The participants in which she has conducted for public and in-house company training include C-level, senior managements, executives and professionals at local, regional and international levels.

Her partial list of corporate clients in addition to public seminars include A* Star, American Express, Bhutan Royal Insurance, Cargo Community Network, CrimsonLogic, Premier Rent-A-Car, Far East Organization, Ferring Pharmaceutical, Fugro Satellite Positioning, GFK, Güntner Asia Pacific, MTU Asia, Novartis (Thailand), Nitto Denko, Kennametal, Rutledge, Spa Esprit Group, City Bank, Chubb Singapore, Step Oiltools, Weatherford (Brunei), Sumitomo Chemical Asia, Pico Electronics, National Instruments, NTUC, Singapore Tourism Board amongst others.

Cecilia holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Adelaide (Australia), and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Northeastern University, Boston, USA (Honor, major in Management Information System). She also holds the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), and WSQ Certified trainer for Service Professional (CSP) trainer, GEMS (going the extra miles). She is a certified KPI professional by KPI Institute.


26 – 27 Aug 2021
25 – 26 Nov 2021

Course Fee


The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • SDF Available (Non-WSQ) Code: CRS-N-0022430
  • SkillsFuture Credit eligible
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