How To Build A Great Team With Self-Managing Capability Job fit, Team fit, Culture fit – for an enhanced performance

by Andrew Cheah

Why You Should Attend This Course

In looking at the current organization trends, one often realizes the existence of a few observable facts : expanding conglomerates either through merger and acquisition, shrinking market shares, companies downsizing or rightsizing, the myriad issues and problems faced, to name a few. Facing this diversity in challenges, management needs to go back to basics, that is, how do I get my team to do all these wonderful things?

The formation of teams addresses the notion of managing the whole by managing the parts. However, a major stumbling block may be present – the lack of know how & skills among the leaders and team members in managing teams as mentioned, and in playing the right team roles. It is with this broad intention that the program was designed.

  • Gain an insight on the what, the why, and the how of team management
  • Align organizational objectives and values
  • Acquire the understanding to use an arsenal of management tools and analyses
  • Select the best team
  • Improve management & leadership skills
  • Elevate team work among staff
  • Have composure in problem solving or conflict resolution
  • Enhance performance of your team, department, and/or organization
  • Create an empowered and committed work culture
  • Enhance self awareness
  • Use positive understanding of power to influence results

Introduction to Team

  1. Definition
  2. Elements of a Team
  3. Why is a Team formed?
  4. Survey on team phases
  5. Phases of team formation
  • form
  • storm
  • norm
  • perform

Workshop: how this relates to communication, conflict and many other challenges


  • How to select the best team?
  • Self-Awareness: your natural roles
  • Your roles versus the team roles
  • Selection mechanism
  • Case exercise: application workshop

Behavioral Styles and Application

  • A look at leadership framework
  • How leadership impact teams
  • What is your style?
  • Application of leadership styles
  • Case discussion workshop

Team Responsibilities & Value System

  • Vision Creation and how to tie this with company’s value system
  1. Vision
  2. Goals
  3. Objectives
  4. Tasks
  5. Timelines
  6. Follow up
  •  Case study and application workshop 

Conflict Resolution

  • Building High Performance Team
  • Looking at relationship between team and work
  • Work roles
  • Choice of team to MATCH work
  • Workshop

Commitment to Problems Solving

  • Rational ways of looking at a problem
  • Confusion between causal and correlation
  • Case
  • Constructive Confrontation
  • Workshop

Top management, Managers, Supervisors, Officers, Executives, Engineers, and anyone who is interested to know more about management and problem solving through team by allowing the team to prosper and excel.

Andrew Cheah has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specialising in the areas of performance management, productivity improvement, behavioral change, and leadership. Andrew has trained clients from such diverse industries as banking, insurance, hospitality, sales and distribution, manufacturing, food, property development, government/public services, and higher education. Being tri-lingual (English, Mandarin, and Malay Languages), Andrew has extensive regional exposure in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In addition to training, Andrew has guided and provided consulting services to clients, leading to one of which winning the prestigious Malaysian National Productivity Award presented by the previous Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir.

Andrew has also been invited to speak in events such as International Conference on Best Practices, which was graced by senior officials from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), sharing the stage with Professor Michael Gregory of the University of Cambridge, Mr Dieter Heyl (2007 Vice President of Mercedes Benz Malaysia), and Dr Marcus Chao, President of Lean China Enterprise Inc. Andrew has an MBA degree qualification with the University of Portsmouth, UK. His experience in international consultancy has also earned him a membership with the Association of Productivity Specialist (New York), in addition to being a qualified ISO 9000 assessor.


04 – 05 Oct 2021
07 – 08 Dec 2021

Course Fee


The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • MIS Member enjoy 10% Discount
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