Managing Customer Complaints & Feedback – Writing with Empathy & Tact

by Samantha Sim


Why You Should Attend This Course

Behind every customer’s feedback is a human being.  When a customer writes to us, there is emotion attached to his message.  And when we respond to that feedback, it is critical to know how to handle that emotion that comes with the message.

This customer-focused workshop will help you to have a deeper understanding of how to write to your customers that can build rapport and win their trust and loyalty, and at the same time improve your corporate image. 

The course will go beyond a generic outline; all participants will use their own samples of letters and email from their workplace during the workshop. This way all the participants will be able to adapt their style of writing to hit the right tone and note when writing to their own customers.

Note: All participants are required to submit 3 sample copies of their letters and email for reference prior to the course. Each sample should be complete and consist of the customer’s email as well as corresponding responds to address the customer. The samples should preferably include 1 compliment (if any) and 2 complaints.

  • Understand the importance of listening and responding well to customers
  • Learn to better engage customers by adapting the style of writing that reflects understanding of customers’ expectations and needs  
  • Know the importance of showing empathy in each correspondence that focuses on customers
  • Know how to write clearly with tact to get the difficult message across
  • Enhance the corporate image of your organization with professionally structured writing

Corporate Image & Your Writing: It’s close relationship

  • Common mistakes in responding to customer’s feedback
  • Presenting a positive image in your writing

The Basics of Good Writing

  • Write correctly – check your grammar
  • Write concisely – less is more
  • Write simply – natural sounding is key & avoiding big words
  • Write courteously – positive service language
  • Short exercises

Writing Responses to Customer Compliments

  • The two purposes of responding to compliments
  • Connecting with customer at a more personal level
  • Skill practice – Let’s reply

Writing responses to Customers Complaints

  • Customer complaint behavior – understand customer expectations and needs in their complaints
  • Elements of a good service recovery
  • Writing that reflects empathy and tact
  • Empathy Index in writing
  • Avoiding triggering words and phrases
  • Writing refusals politely
  • Skill practice – Let’s reply

Managing Social Media Feedback & Complaints

  • Understand the customer behaviour on social media
  • Responding to positive review/feedback
  • Responding to negative review/feedback
  • How to remove a negative feedback
  • Skill practice – Let’s reply

Those who have to pen replies to customers an/or anyone who like to better understand how to answer customer enquiries and feedback well. 

**Participants will be required to send in few samples of their letters and emails (with confidential information such as names of customers removed) prior to the workshop. They will receive feedback from the facilitator and other participants on their strengths and areas to work on. 

Class size for public run: 20

Samantha Sim brings with her a solid background in modern learning concepts and techniques.  She has over 25 years of experience working with business professionals, corporations and government agencies in various industries.  Her strengths lie in customer service, teambuilding, personal effectiveness and image management.  She has partnered corporations like Raffles Hotel, Banyan Tree, Frasers Hospitality, IATA, SIA, Far East Organization, Aspire, Bosch, Unilever, Union Bank, Starbucks, Performance Motors, BMS (China), Union Bank (Manila), International SOS, Russian Railways, Pat’s School House, PSA, Raffles Medical Group, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singhealth, ST Engineering group and others, effectively improving their performance in targeted areas ST Engineering group, Busybees Asia, Seager Inc. For all her workshops, she prides herself in customizing the learning activities to unlock potential & grow learning individuals. She knows there is a big differencebetween training and learning: Learning requires repeat practice, spread over time, to transform the learned concepts into skills that enable the learner to use the new knowledge smoothly in one’s own work environment.  With that strong belief, she often injects on-the-spot practical, relevant activities that not only makes learning fun and exciting but also for easy transfer of learning.  In her previous appointment with Singapore Airlines (SIA), Samantha was responsible for professionalizing a team of 800 cabin crew members committed to SIA Cabin Crew Training Vision of developing service professionals of distinction within a learning culture. Drawing upon 10 years of multicultural experience in the airline industry, she continues to innovate and improve, offering training & consultancy services. She has helped many organizations facilitate operational projects, collaborating with internal key stakeholders to assess & fine-tune workflow efficiency to trouble-shoot potential issues and provide feasible solutions and/or recommend targeted improvements. Her years of consultancy and training experiences have provided her with an unusual sensitivity to the learning needs of different levels of working professionals in various industries. Her passion in learning also leads her to build bite-size concept videos & story-telling situational scenarios that incorporate her participants’ work situations to further captivate her online learners.  And she runs selective workshops in Mandarin.

Workshops for Customer Service include

  • Managing Difficult Customers Professionally
  • Mastering Service Recovery with Confidence
  • Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience: The Human Moment
  • The White-Glove Service
  • Engaging the Public Professionally (for events such as NDP, Open House etc.)
  • Service Innovation
  • Service Leadership
  • Writing to Customers with Empathy & Tact

Workshops for Personal Effectiveness & Others include

  • Transformational Leadership
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Enhancing Performance through Effective Supervision
  • Growing Others through Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Facilitation Skills
  • Presenting with Impact
  • Presentation Slides Essentials
  • Behavioral Interviewing Skills
  • Business Etiquette & Corporate Image
  • Personality Analysis 


Educational & professional qualifications

  • Certified Behavioral Consultant (DiSC & MBTI)
  • Certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner
  • ACTA-certified trainer
  • SQC (Singapore Quality Class) Assessor certification
  • Master of Arts, National University of Singapore  
  • Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore

28 – 29 Oct 2021
02 – 03 Dec 2021

Course Fee


The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • SDF Available (Non-WSQ) Code: CRS-N-0022559
  • SkillsFuture Credit eligible
  • MIS Member enjoy 10% Discount
  • Register for 8 or more participants to enjoy 10% Group Discount