Managing & Engaging with Distributors

by Tina McDowell

Why You Should Attend This Course

Suppliers are beginning to turn to distributors more frequently in an effort to increase brand awareness, market penetration and overall relationships with end-users.

‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure’ _ this is often the most common problem in B2B distributor relationships.

Principal and distributor get swept along by the early market opportunity and get disillusioned when this opportunity fails to materialise or grow beyond the initial bubble. With 70% of most distributed relationships ending in failure, an approach is required that mitigates against this risk. Understand the first element of the framework ‘pre-relationship, partnership planning and living the partnership are critical.

“A good principal will sit down with their distribution partners to map out where they are, where they want to go and identify what success looks like, and work to match them up with customers that are in ‘emerging’ markets the distributors wants to tap, as well as existing markets that they can grow in.”

  • Review the performance of individual business indicators and identify the market factors influencing the business goals 
  • Identify strategic business processes and policies, distributors engagement and management guidelines to achieve 2018 business revenue and industry growth
  • Eliminating poor performance using a foolproof partner selection or evaluation process
  • Shaking up complacency and empowering channel partners to embrace change.
  • Developing a strategy to align yourself with distributors
  • Create a distributor requirement and assessment framework and draft a win-win Distributor Agreement
  • Instilling accountability to motivate your channel partners to get the job done and done right.

Day 1


0900 Common Mistakes Manufacturer when dealing with distributors

Building Supplier-Distributor Partnership

  •     Common mistakes Suppliers make when dealing with distributors
  •     Role of Distributor Manager : moving to being a partner
  •     Group work: where is your current distributor today
    •  Tthe 3Cs scorecard
    •   T ypes of relationship you have the distributor
1015 Teabreak

Formulating 2018 Distributor Business Plan

  •   Determine account objective: performance metrics and review
  •   Outline the plan
  •   Understand key leverage points and business implication to enhance distributor commitment
  •   Who does what and when

Role-play: conducting business review with your distributor

  •     Engaging with the distributors
  •     Contact Strategy Development
  •     Create impact for the distributors
1230 Lunch

Motivating Distributors for Optimum Performance

  •     Creating a Reward & Motivation Programme: tactical and strategic
  •     Reporting Process & Information flow
  •     Managing and maintaining optimum level of “share of the mind and share of voice”
  •     Establishing a win-win plan
1500 Teabreak

Reviewing Distributor Relationship

  •     Management by objectives and review of progress
  •     Relationship health check assessment
    • Are we on plan? If not why not?
    • What is the process to get back on track
    • Practical session: giving feedback

Managing Non-Performing Distributors & Distributorship Termination

  •     Delivering the bad news
  •     Negotiating within a distributor based relationship
  •     What to do when it’s all over
1715 Workshop ends
Day 2  

Channel Choice & Management

  •     The 3 Channel Management Decision
  •     Difference between Distributors vs Agents
  •     Factors in choosing a marketing channel
  •     Target market coverage
    •  Intensive distribution
    • Exclusive distribution
    •  Selective distribution
1015 Teabreak

Selection & Choosing of Distributor

  •    Criteria to use in analysis during selection
  •    Establishing realistic expectations

Practical session: searching for the right distributor


Meeting & Appointing A Potential Distributor

  •     Establishing the first contact
  •     Characteristics of an Strategic of Distribution Manager
  •     Introduce the company, benefits & options for collaboration
  •     Role-play: Meeting with Potential Distributor
1230 Lunch




Creating Distributor Agreement Exclusive vs Non-exclusive types

  •     Types of written agreements
  •     Practical session : Checklist for agent or distributor agreement
  •     Confirmation on Appointment of Selected Distributors
  •     Setting business objectives & KPIs

Training of Distributors

  •     Developing a training plan
  •     How to break down strategies into actionable plan
  •     Implementing management that ensure execution
1530 Teabreak

Managing Channels Conflict

  •     Horizontal vs vertical conflict
  •     Channel design decision based on customers needs
    • Lot size
    •  Waiting & delivery time
    •  Spatial convenience
    •  Product variety & service backup
    •  Horizontal vs vertical conflict
  •     Identifying & Evaluating Major Channel Alternatives
    •  Types & number of business intermediaries
    • Terms & responsibilities of each channel partners
  • Evaluating the economic, control & adaptive criteria
1630 Post-workshop Action Plan:

This workshop is highly participative, using a range of techniques to involve the participants and motivate them to improve their skills and attitudes. Information sessions will be followed by practical work linked to actual accounts and prospects of your company. Case studies will be used to illustrate skills, and participants will develop their own real case study for post-workshop action plan.

Tina McDowell has been a trainer and consultant for the past 23 years. She has helped hundreds of people realise their potential as employees for their organisations. By making her courses highly participative, she instils a certain flavour of excitement in participants to improve at their jobs. In 1997, she inspired a group of people in Union Carbide to win the Chairman’s award for winning behaviours, productivity and costs saving.

Her experience includes conducting presentation skills, selling skills, sales & negotiations for sales executives & procurement executives. She has worked with sales executives and engineers in Nokia, Schlumberger & Texas Instrument Philippines to analyse their sales strategies to enhance partnership and engagement with the customers.

She has also done consulting work in many of the Asean countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Philippines.


06 – 07 Oct 2021
28 – 29 Dec 2021

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  • Time: 9am – 5pm
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