Managing Sales Objections and Obstacles

by TR Sakthi / Charles Tai

Why You Should Attend This Course

Your approach to managing sales objections and obstacles in the right way can help you achieve increase sales effectiveness without unnecessary and costly moves. The sales process to managing objections and obstacles learned in this workshop will help you probe to discover the unique needs and real issues and link solutions meet customer’s expectations. This highly motivational session provides you with a methodology that is systematic, comprehensive and consultative in approach to create impact on results by managing sales objections and obstacles.

  • Know the difference between resistance and objections
  • Change your perception towards objections
  • Discover methods for maintaining focus when faced with sales objections
  • Learn to get to the reason behind objections and respond effectively
  • Learn effective ways to answer objections, meet sales resistance and obstacles
  • Why Customers give Objections –The Fear Factor
  • Common Telephone Objections
  • Addressing the Fear that Causes Sales Resistance and Objections
  • Vital Factors for Closing & Managing Buyer Resistance
  • Common Telephone And Face To Face Objections
  • The Art Of Asking The Right Questions To Change Perceptions
  • Communication Strategies to Manage Objections And Challenging Situations
  • Tested Responses to Manage Common Objections When Closing Sales

This experiential workshop is facilitated through a variety of adult learning techniques, role-plays, lectures, group discussion, situational analysis, exercises and participants’ presentations.

(Course will be conducted by one of the following trainers)

TR Sakthi is an accomplished speaker, consultant and a highly effective trainer/facilitator conducting Communication, Sales as well as Leadership training. He served the Singapore Armed forces as a Commissioned Officer for 11 years in numerous combat and leadership appointments. As a Sales Professional in Great Eastern, he achieved his company’s top sales professional award in May 2010, Achiever Club Qualifier. He also qualified for the Million Dollar Experience Convention consecutively for two years in Bangkok and Singapore.

Sakthi is a Toastmasters Competent Communicator and motivational humourist, having been the Toastmasters Area level Champion for Humorous speech as well as International speech contests and Table topics Division level Champion. He is currently serving as President in the Toastmasters club. His professionalism as a public speaker is reflected in his unique yet inspirational delivery – a versatile speaker who is able to blend in a repertoire of humour and entertainment effectively in his presentation.

Sakthi has also attained the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment certification. He is qualified in the ‘Art of Coaching and Feedback’, ‘Business Continuity Planning’ and ‘Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning’. He is an Associate Trainer with the Marketing Institute of Singapore, founder and principal consultant at TR Solutions, and a Certified Interactive Training Activities Facilitator by US-based Thiagi Group.


Charles Tai is and an accomplished consultant and a highly effective trainer/facilitator conducting communication, sales as well as leadership training.

Charles started his career with the Republic of Singapore Air Forces as a Flight Engineer and has served the United States Army National Guard for five years. In his tour as a career Flight Engineer, he has also participated in the humanitarian assistance during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

Charles Tai is currently an agency trainer and an associate division head in GPS Alliance pte ltd, a property firm in Singapore listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). He leads about 20 dynamic agents under his wings and has been a consistent top producer since 2011.

He has since been sharing and imparting his knowledge and expertise in Sales and Property investment, currently having a portfolio of several local and overseas properties.

Charles is constantly in the forefront to anticipate changes to meet sales challenges He applies current methodologies of learning in the training programs that he conducts.

Charismatic and enthusiastic, he is a one of a kind trainer. His unique blend of theory, married with experiential dimensions provide more than a cognitive learning process.

Charles is a lifelong learner and a willing teacher with passion and a strong desire in sharing his knowledge by helping others by sharing the techniques to reaching their goals. His ability to lead and train has been demonstrated from his coaching and mentoring of new salespeople on a regular basis.

Charles is a certified trainer and is currently and an Associate trainer with Power Image and Life Skills Consultants and the Centre For Communication And Sales Training.


24 – 25 Aug 2021
24 – 25 Nov 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
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