No-Cost & Low-Cost Marketing Techniques to Maximise Sales

by Tylus

Why You Should Attend This Course

Ask anyone who has ever got burnt from spending an enormous sum of money on marketing/advertising, only to realise they cannot recover that expense, and they will tell you “I should have started with free or low cost marketing methods first.”

No-Cost & Low-Cost Marketing Techniques to Maximise Sales is a practical course that focuses on marketing successfully while keeping your wallet happy. It proves that with the right tools and unconventional know-hows, customers and sales can still happen even if one has to work with a low or no budget.


  • Be exposed to dozens of free marketing tools and creative-yet-practical ideas that drive more customers to purchase your product or service
  • Stop being at the mercy of expensive ads or methods that only large companies can afford
  • Know how to use a powerful combination of online and physical offline strategies to roll out successful promotions
  • Set up a ‘marketing attack plan’ – you take everything learnt in the course and devise a campaign filled with free and inexpensive marketing for the next 1 to 3 years “how-to” of  getting a large number of customers, sales and revenues – all of it without requiring a big budget
  • Craft a promotional message that causes people to tell other people (learn what type of message spreads and what doesn’t)
  • Key principles of ‘marketing with awesome results while saving money’
  • The art and science of using buzz to gain a large following of customers
  • Valuable list of free marketing tools and weapons
  • Tips to make your marketing slightly controversial (yet stay legal) to draw in more crowds
  • How to identify good partners who can help you with getting a lot more customers
  • 3 secret offline marketing strategies that get more and better responses than radio & TV ads
  • Using ‘contests’ to attract hordes of people to your offer
  • Creative marketing ideas to solve the ‘no budget’ problem (plus offline & online examples of how this is done)
  • Correct ways of using samples and trials to gain more customers
  • Do and don’ts of getting free PR exposure
  • Secrets of getting your customers and clients to market for you
  • How to ride on current news and trends to boost the exposure of your product or service

This course is suited for companies whose business is more towards Business-to-Consumers (B2C) and will benefit executives, professionals, sales, marketing and advertising staff who want to market creatively and effectively while keeping everything within budget.

Tylus Lim has advised and helped sharpened the marketing campaigns/materials for companies spanning over 20 different industries. An obsessed marketing enthusiast, he spent over 14 years learning, real-life testing and applying just about every marketing method and idea known to man. These vast experiences had in turn helped to uncover what truly and repeatedly works in marketing.

Tylus is also an entrepreneur and founder of various businesses. He manages and oversees the marketing efforts of his businesses by actively using real-life marketing strategies to generate growth and profitability.

In the online aspect, he has created numerous web ads and copies for different niches and businesses. Some of Tylus’s clienteles includes Singapore Armed Forces, People’s Association, Rotaract Club of Singapore, SAFRA, Nanyang Polytechnic, Star Cruises, MCYS etc.

Tylus holds a Bachelor in Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he earned a certificate of distinction with specialisation in Marketing.


01 Oct 2021

Course Fee


The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • SDF Available (Non-WSQ) Code: CRS-N-0027000
  • SkillsFuture Credit eligible
  • MIS Member enjoy 10% Discount
  • Register for 8 or more participants to enjoy 10% Group Discount