Opportunities in e-Commerce to Transform Retail Operations

by Peter Loh

Why You Should Attend This Course

Small retail businesses have been disrupted by the online shopping trends the past few years, and now with the COVID-19 crisis adding more challenges, these businesses need to adapt to remain competitive.

The major challenge and barrier many SME businesses faced is finding an approach to redesign its operations with an appropriately fitting solution to manage its business cost effectively.

  • Understand the market trends in e-commerce and how online shopping has disrupted the retail business model as well as operations.
  • Identify the opportunities in e-commerce for retailers to leverage in improving the business operations – supply chain and logistics management.
  • Understand the need to redesign the current retail operations and use appropriate digital tools to help transform the retail business and operations.
  • Identify the appropriate operation processes and digital solutions for the individual retail business.

Retail business operations –

  • Traditional model operates with a physical outlet, offering the convenience of location and products, with customer service.
  • With e-commerce offering a wider range of products, at lower prices, and the convenience of home deliveries to compete with the retailers.
  • Future retail model – needs to transform to a business that could identify and provide high turnover products in demand, with optimised inventory, and packaged with customised services which may include deliveries.

Definition of the e-commerce model – a mix of B2C and B2B targets

  • Many have the common impression that e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba is targeting the mass consumer markets.
  • e-Commerce is basically a marketplace to connect many merchants to many mass market customers to facilitate transactions quickly and seamlessly.


Understand the e-commerce market trends –

  • It is basically a cloud-based internet platform solution to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, replacing many intermediaries – distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.


Understand the future retail operation needs, and identify the requirements for transformation – 

  • Identify the operation processes required
  • Find the appropriate digital solution, e.g. leveraging an e-commerce platform solution, use a cloud-based solution like MS Dynamics.
  • Industries – retail, e-commerce, logistics, infocomm
  • Functions – operations, business planning, supply chain (including procurement) and logistics, IT and system support

Peter is an experienced creative strategist focused on MBCI (Market, Business & Competitive Intelligence) for over 20 years, spanning across industries such as electronics, automotive, telecommunication, oil & gas industries. With his immense industry experience, he envisions the market potential for IoT and Big Data applications to proliferate across many industries beyond 2020.

Peter holds a MBA from Indiana University, and is an Adjunct lecturer at Singapore Institute of Technology, having developed the Organization & Management module and introducing the McKinsey 7-S concept as an analytical tool. He was a mentor for Lithan Academy’s Technopreneruship program and the Edupreneur start-up boot-camp. He has also conducted seminar workshops for ASEAN delegates on the future trends for IoT applications that impact the economies.

Peter has attained an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment from the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. 


28 Sep 2021
24 Nov 2021

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