Persuasive Presentation Skills

by Shirley Han / Shradha Gang

Why You Should Attend This Course

It is not what you say but how you say it.

If you make better presentations, you normally get the juicier projects! It makes people pay attention to your message and enjoy listening to your speech. You can advance in your career rapidly with effective presentation skills. Acquire the necessary art of convincing and inspiring an audience to take action.

This two-day workshop will build the current skills in the techniques of making an influential, convincing and successful presentation.  Discover how to:

  • Turn a 30-minute presentation to 10 minutes on the go
  • Deliver ‘less is more’
  • Add compelling evidence with metaphors and storytelling
  • Be confident

After attending this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Apply the 4 P’s of Persuasive Presentations – Plan, Prepare, Practise and Present
  • Organise the information to be presented in a logical format, which is concise and audience focused
  • Present information in an illustrative, engaging and in a three-dimensional way
  • Keep to time
  • Manage body language to look confident, approachable and passionate
  • Know how to use the voice to entertain and project energy
  • Prepare (or get someone else to prepare) relevant visuals, which are easy to see and understand
  • Use bridging techniques to manage difficult questions and objections
  • Be conclusive with a clear call for action

Day 1

Module One: Creating the Context and Establishing Course Objectives 
Participants will be introduced to:

  • Course Content.
  • Personal learning needs and learning outcomes.
  • Presentation Benchmark – Each person to present 1 – 3 minutes of the prepared presentation which will be video recorded.

Module Two: Develop Content
Learn a simple format, to plan, prepare and customize content to meet the objectives of both the audience and the presenter::

  • Audience adaptation.
  • Focus on positioning key issues to relevant parties
  • Plan and prepare information to take into consideration the message of the presenter and the needs of the audience
  • Convince the audience with FAB statements (Features, Advantages and Benefits)
  • Organised, relevant and a focus on less is more’ content

Module Three: Language Design
Language Design techniques to present information in an illustrative and engaging way – time is spent building skills to move a presenter from an abstract style to concrete, intangible to tangible.  A well-crafted presentation will create an experience and tell a story for the audience, which is the differentiator.  Techniques to articulate the message in picture language include:

  • Metaphors, analogies, examples
  • Storytelling
  • Pauses and repetition

Module Four: Passionate Delivery
The focus will be on building and projecting self-confidence by acquiring the techniques of how to look and sound persuasive while presenting. Topics will focus on:

  • Managing nervousness
  • Visual components of body language, posture, gestures and facial expressions
  • Appropriate dressing for presentations
  • Vocal Components of voice that include tone, volume, pitch, speed, emphasis and enunciation
  • The alignment of the 3 V’s and the ability to move with the dynamics of the audience

Module Five: Role-Play Review 
We will review the morning benchmark where each participant will be able to review the performance using the checklist that will focus on:.

  • Quality of content and structure.
  • Delivery – Body Language and Vocal Qualities.
  • Re-do the morning role-play applying the learning from the day


Day 2

Module One: Review of Day One

  • Action learning journal – identify learning needs and actions to support the learning needs.
  • Peer Sharing.

Module Two: The Use of Presentation Aids
We will review how to successfully use various presentation aids including:

  • PowerPoint
  • Developing a personal successful presentation style
  • The realization, that presentation aids do not replace the role of the presenter

Module Three: Practice the Prepared Presentation
In pairs, each person will practice what they have prepared.  While one delivers the other will use a checklist for feedback.  The feedback will focus on:

  • Structure of content and if the content is audience centric vs. presenter centric
  • Use of language design
  • Delivered with passion

Module Four: Individual Presentations (Video Recorded)
Each participant will have the opportunity to present and experience the following:

  • 10 minute prepared presentation, with presentation aids
  • Q & A from the audience
  • Immediate feedback and review using the prepared checklist
  • Reflection and action plan to learning journal

Module Five: Managing Questions and Objections 
Based on the questions during the presentation, participants will acquire bridging techniques to confidently manage questions, address objections and maintain credibility with conviction.

  • Quality of content and structure.
  • Delivery – Body Language and Vocal Qualities.
  • Re-do the morning role-play applying the learning from the day

Module Six: Conclusion and Evaluation 
The trainer will summarise and conclude the workshop with:

  • Key learning points.
  • Action Plan.

Anyone who does presentations and produces presentation slides for any purpose, such as internal communication within an organisation, business presentations and training, etc.

(Course will be conducted by one of the following trainers)

Shirley Han is a Senior Consultant in Personal Empowerment courses. These include courses in Presentation Skills, Professional/Corporate Image, Grooming and Deportment, Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management, Time Management, Customer Service and Telephone Etiquette. She is also a trainer in Singapore Airlines for their Cabin Crew and Ground Personnel in Etiquette & Deportment, Effective Communication and Professional Imaging.

Besides being a trainer, Shirley’s overall experience covers other areas of marketing and communication. This includes Business Development, Advertising & Public Relations, Marketing & Communications, Client Management, and Event Management. Specialising in the lifestyle and service industry, she works in the capacity of a Creative Director, Copywriter and Art Director. This includes press liaison, scriptwriting for television commercials, corporate videos, and CDRoms.

Shirley has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, Sociology and Philosophy from the National University of Singapore. She studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming with the Master Trainer Institute of New York. Serving multinationals and statutory boards on both local and regional levels, her client list cover various industries, including:

  • Banking and Finance – AIA, Citibank, Credit Swiss First Boston, MAS, KPMG, UOB, UBS
  • Education – NUS, Nanyang Business School, Jurong Institute, MIS, Ong Teng Cheong Institute of Labour Studies, Nanyang Girls’ Secondary School
  • Government Institutions – NorthEast & SouthEast Community Development Councils, HDB, Ministry of Environment, LTA, SMRT
  • Lifestyle – Cartier International, Lancome Cosmetics, Readers’ Digest, Glamour Shots
  • Manufacturing/Logistics – TIMKEN, SANDEN, Singapore Technology Logistics
  • Medical – Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer, SGH
  • Trade/Property – Temasek Holdings, Sumitomo Trading Corporation, Diethelm, Unilever
  • Travel – Singapore Airlines, Singapore Changi Airport Services Enterprise, Aerospace Training Center, United Airlines
  • Technology – National Computer Services, Singapore Technology College, Defense Science Organization, Hewlett Packard


Parul Sandhu Chopra is an enthusiastic, engaging and articulate Corporate Trainer, Coach and Consultant with over 10 years of experience within the Marine, Education and Corporate sectors. Working with companies such as Singapore Airlines, Aon and Pfizer, she uses her knowledge of Strengths Theory, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology to engage and empower her participants to excel in their roles.

Having grown up in India, Hong-Kong and Singapore, Parul is a very ‘culturally-competent’ Trainer. She has incorporated a unique style of delivery, leveraging on her diverse multicultural exposure, to effectively deliver workshops such as:

‘Effective Presentation Skills’, ‘Professional Branding & Grooming’, ‘Etiquette & Deportment’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Business Networking’, ‘Personal Assertiveness’ as well as ‘Effective Communication Skills’.

Academically, Parul studied at Canadian International School (Singapore) before pursuing an Honors degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto (Canada) in 2005. She later went on to attain a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Talent Management from Singapore Human Resource Institute in 2011. Educated in Human Psychology studies, Parul better understands that the emotional fabric in Human Resources is what forms the base for all relationships, behavior and change, in the workplace. A happy and safe work environment is the key to increasing productivity, service quality and retention which ultimately leads to more productive and engaged workforce.

Parul’s Experience:

  • Aon Service Corporation A.T.KearneyBohler Pacific Pte Ltd Fuji Oil
  • Jebsen & Jessen (SEA)
  • Ministry of Education- Schools
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Singapore Airlines (SIA)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Surbana Jurong
Pfizer Asia Manufacturing PL

09 – 10 Sep 2021
11 – 12 Nov 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
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