Sales & Marketing Strategies for Aligning of Business Solutions for Existing & New Accounts

by Tina McDowell

Why You Should Attend This Course

There will never be peace, in the battle for customers. The stakes get higher, as some companies push for world dominance, while others struggle for independence or even survival. It is already becoming obvious, that those who survive and prosper will not just have the right products and services at the right prices. They will also be those whose salespeople can win customers with confidence.

That confidence comes in two forms: first, the confidence a salesperson gains after being well-trained in the highly specialized skills found in all effective salespeople; second, the confidence a customer feels when buying from someone they feel they can trust. Most sales people learn that buying and selling is a process. The most successful salespeople recognize that buying and selling are two separate processes, and adapt their own behaviours to match them. Then gently move their customers down the buying process.

Our workshop has been designed to develop salespeople into real professionals, who help their customers to buy. The workshops are lively, fun, practical and highly participative. Delegates return with increased awareness, confidence, new skills and tactics, plus a wealth of experiences shared between the other delegates. Market conditions are changing so rapidly, that there is seldom opportunity to make a second attempt at winning a customer. Make sure that your salespeople ‘get it right the first time’ by enrolling them on our winning workshop… before your competitors do!


  •   Understanding the New Marketing Strategies and your marketing matrix
  •   Simplify marketing strategy to match to sales processes
    •   Identify new marketing imperatives – intelligence, interfaces & integration
    •   Build an effective sales/marketing integration
    •   Have gained a clear understanding of their role in selling your company’s products and services
  •   Know and be able to use the sales processes of identifying, developing and managing accounts.
    •   Know how to structure a sales call, and use all available skills to give a  professional image and improve success.
  •  Have new ideas on people behaviour to increase their awareness of their own & customers communicating style, & how to use this more   effectively with customers.
  •  Know how to recognize and improve their handling of difficult customer situations.
  •  Know how to overcome objections and close successful sales.
  •  Be able to develop a close business relationship with clients.
  •  Have practised sales through role-playing in a non-threatening environment to help develop their confidence in using their personal and industry skills in their sales positions.

This two-day workshop is highly participative, using a range of techniques to involve the participants and motivate them to improve their skills and attitudes.

Information sessions will be followed by practical work linked to actual accounts and prospects of your company. Case studies will be used to illustrate skills, and participants will develop their own real case study to carry out back in the workplace.

Day 1

What is Marketing?

  • Differentiating marketing from sales
  • The Basics of Marketing
  • Marketing Planning – 3Cs and 4 Ps
  • Marketing Services and Intangibles – special considerations
  • Group Exercise :Review Marketing Plan


 Mapping out your Strategy and Creating a Marketing Plan  

  • The Strategic Planning Pyramid
  • Forecasting Possible Market changes & trend
  • Differentiation of products/services
  • Product and Services Portfolio
    • managing product life cycle
    • hard vs soft products and services
  • Improving Marketing Management: Product Development Process


  Setting Up The Pricing Tactics

  • Profiling the various components needed in a plan
  • Setting the objectives you need to achieve
  • Establishing pricing objectives
  • Pricing strategies during various stages of product/service life cycle
  • Strategies & some alternatives of pricing model


Marketing Communications Objectives

  • Marketing Life Cycle
  • AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action
  • Development & Selection of Channels & Messages
  • Marketing Media – PR, posters, open sessions etc.
  • Developing a Promotional Plan


What is Marketing Research

  • Difference between market research and marketing research
  • Role of marketing research
  • Relationship of goals & objectives to Research strategy and functions


Day 2

Principles of Strategic Selling

  • Why sell? What is selling, and what do people buy?
  • The Sales Cycle
  • What makes an effective sales person?
  • Different models of selling
  • Understanding people – their thoughts, feelings and options


Structures for Account Development

  • Time-effective selling and management
  • How to prospect for new accounts
  • Effective planning and preparation
  • Setting the right objectives
  • Group work: Account Profile
    • Creating strategy for managing the account
    • What’s in it for me? WIIFM
    • External issues – and reducing them


Business Etiquette & Communication in Sales

  • The psychology of selling
  • Understanding ourselves and others
  • Business Etiquette: First Impression
  • Using our own personality to communicate and sell more effectively
  • Positive v. negative sales communication
  • Key words to use and avoid
  • Competitive v. co-operative styles
  • Gaining involvement
  • Motivating customers – spot the difference
  • Staying self-motivated


Effective Sales & Presentation

  • Assessing the buyer
  • Finding the ‘real’ needs
  • Questioning and listening skillfully
  • Checking the mutual process
  • Group work: Presenting persuasively
    • Opening statement
    • Flow of presentation
    • Convincing strategies
    • Relationship benefits – Building Rapport and A Lasting Relationship
    • Knowing his/her company needs
    • Linking needs to services
    • Blocking the Competition
    • How to set up the meeting best
    • Developing your service strengths


Handling Objections

  • Why We Should Welcome Objections
  • How To Welcome Them
  • Expanding Concerns
  • Identifying The Real Barriers
  • Staying away from price
  • Helping Your Customer Overcome Them
  • Spotting the buying signals
  • Gaining commitment through closing
  • Negotiating skillful to close the contract



  • Why We Need Long-Term Customers
  • Techniques For Retaining Customers
  • “A Sale Is The Beginning Of A Relationship”
  • Collection Management: Preventive Measures for Debt Recovery
  • After sale service
  • Action Plan for Follow-up session

Tina McDowell has been a trainer and consultant for the past 23 years. She has helped hundreds of people realise their potential as employees for their organisations. By making her courses highly participative, she instils a certain flavour of excitement in participants to improve at their jobs. In 1997, she inspired a group of people in Union Carbide to win the Chairman’s award for winning behaviours, productivity and costs saving.

Her experience includes conducting presentation skills, selling skills, sales & negotiations for sales executives & procurement executives. She has worked with sales executives and engineers in Nokia, Schlumberger & Texas Instrument Philippines to analyse their sales strategies to enhance partnership and engagement with the customers.

She has also done consulting work in many of the Asean countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Philippines.


22 – 23 Sep 2021
01 – 02 Nov 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • Course fees are subjected to 7% GST
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