SkillsFuture Credit

What it is and how it affects you?

Latest Updates

Effective 19 May 2017, participants will no longer be able to transfer the SkillsFuture Credits to themselves. All SkillsFurture Credits will be transferred from SSG directly to Training Providers prior to the course. Should you wish to use any SkillsFuture Credits to offset the course fee, please indicate accordingly during registration.

What is SkillsFuture?

SkillsFuture is a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. Through this movement, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore’s next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society.

Who is eligible?

Every Singaporean aged 25 and above will receive an initial $500 of SkillsFuture Credit, which will be topped up at regular intervals.

Which courses are eligible for SkillsFuture credit?

Majority of MIS’ Executive Development courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit. All SDF-approved courses (denoted with an asterisk *) are eligible for SkillsFuture credit. Click here for full course listing.