Winning Sales Pitches & Presentations that Drive Conversions

by Stanis Benjamin / Shankar G

Why You Should Attend This Course

Pitching an idea and selling it effectively can be a challenging task for many. The key to success in sales and marketing is dependent on pitching presentations to the best understanding of the needs and desires of the customer. The effectiveness of any sales presentation is dependent on how ideas are pitched and how memorable, understandable, and effective that idea is in changing people’s behaviour and beliefs.

Creative ideas and concepts that are unique will not simply sell by itself, it requires careful preparation to pitch presentations in an interesting way to convince audience to take actions. The challenge most people face is that different customers expect different things and a good sales pitch is being able to present to the different expectations of your audience. Knowing the customers reference level of expectations and carefully crafting a pitch and delivering the presentation confidently can help one make a successful sale and build lasting relationship with their customers.

  • Understand different types of audience and know different types of sales pitches  
  • Identify and understand customer’s reference level of expectation  
  • Know the principles of persuasion to pitch effectively  
  • Understanding company’s core competencies and crafting a pitch that highlights strengths  
  • Use stories and present confidently to influence audience to take actions

Day 1

  • Preparation – The key to success  
  • Know audience reference level of expectation  
  • Understand different types of audience and different types of sales pitches  
  • Core competencies to incorporate in your presentation to manage competition  
  • Identify problems and recommended solutions that built interest and excitement  
  • Crafting sales pitches with competitive differentiation and to focus on value propositions
  • Principles of persuasion that create impact on presentations

Day 2

  • Telling stories to create customer connection and power stories in sales presentations  
  • Presenting with facts and figures – Ways to get attention and action  
  • Pitching price or presenting value – Sizzle or Steak  
  • Conversation about competition without mention of competitor  
  • Turning objections into opportunities  
  • Presenting effectively with appropriate visuals  
  • Sales pitches that end with a Call To Action – The Close

All sales & marketing professionals who needs to convince, persuade and close the deal using effective sales pitches and presentations.

(Course will be conducted by one of the following trainers)

Stanis Benjamin, Master Facilitator and Distinguished Toastmaster, is a motivational humorist and an accomplished speaker, consultant and trainer in the fields of business presentation skills, sales, communication, customer service, leadership and strategies for personal success. As a coach, consultant and keynote speaker, he has addressed many companies and institutions and helped senior executives, high-achieving professionals and beginners to reach higher levels of performance.

Stanis is a thought leader on how to create and sustain high performance. He combines theory with management practices to develop action-oriented techniques for building winning teams. He has been invited as an expert to speak on the topics “Behaviour Focused Communication and Humour in Presentations” and presented on Positive Business Minutes for News Radio 93.8.

He has gained excellent reputation for his work with human resource and training departments of numerous organisations to design and develop Sales, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership and Communication training programmes. Stanis brings with him over 15 years of training and coaching experience and is accredited as an Executive Leadership facilitator.


Shankar G is an accomplished speaker, consultant and a highly effective trainer and facilitator conducting communication, sales as well as leadership training. He has motivated many individuals to grow in their personal and professional journey.

Having journeyed through challenging personal life situations, Shankar has been featured in Mediacorp, Vasantham Central, Channel News Asia as well in the Straits Times, Tamil Murasu and Newpaper for his accomplishments and inspiration to many. He is a versatile speaker and is able to blend in a repertoire of humour and entertainment effectively with a message of importance in his presentation. At the end of he is delivery; he is able to move his audience to a new understanding and depth of feeling that will make the audience adopt his views as a collective reaffirmation of their own.

From his sales career and training expertise and from experiential learning, he has developed comprehensive and effective approach to communication, sales and Leadership. His expertise as a trainer and speaker have enabled him to deliver trainings in Sales Negotiations, Goal setting workshops and Financial planning presentations for numerous companies.


28 – 29 Oct 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9 am – 5 pm
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