Workplace Humour – The Intelligent Use of Humour in the Workplace

by Kevin Ryan

Why You Should Attend This Course

This program that shows how to use humour to enhance communication (both internal and external), customer loyalty and the client experience.

This will aim to improve:

  • Staff effectiveness by cultivating a more positive work environment resulting in an improved attitude and better relationships and communication.
  • Staff retention and engagement – enhancing your organisation’s image among talented prospective employees as an employer of choice.
  • Internal service standards through better understanding and empathy.
  • Customer service and client loyalty by creating a more welcoming ambience and a more memorable service experience.

This workshop will show participants how to:

  1. Understand what generates humour –and how this can be used in the workplace
  2. Improve their ‘humour confidence’. Participants will learn about their personal style of humour and be made more confident about their ability to add humour to any situation.
  3. Improve staff-staff and staff-client communication.
  4. Understand the guidelines for the safe and professional use of humour at work.
  5. Use humour to create a more memorable customer service experience.
  6. Use fun to create ‘buy-in’; allowing the creation of programs that people will want to be part of – improving their participation, level of ownership, and overall engagement.
  7. Create opportunities to recognise achievement, show appreciation and celebrate.
Topic Content Modality
Humour in the Workplace – why it’s important
  • The benefits of fun in the workplace
  • In productivity
  • In creativity
Understanding Humour
  • The Four Theories of Humour
  • The difference between humour and comedy
Humour Confidence
  • Identifying   your natural humour style(s)
  • Increasing your use of humour
  • Using humour safely – the rules

Using Humour to Improve Communication

  • Staff-to-staff communication (face-to-face, written, telephone)
  • Staff-to-client communication (face-to-face, written, telephone)

Role Play

Using Humour to Improve Service
  • Internal service
  • External Service
  • In difficult situations
  • Using humour to keep in touch

An Environment of Humour

  • Using environment to drive behaviour
  • Using behaviour to influence attitude
  • Giving staff permission


Engagement Strategies

  • Using Humour Intelligence to improve employee engagement
  • Using recognition of individual and group attributes
  • Using celebration of individual, group and organisational achievements
  • Using anniversaries and special days for ongoing humour generation

Anyone in management who wants to improve the ambience, engagement and productivity of their workplace with appropriate use of humour.

Kevin is an experienced conference speaker, workshop leader, facilitator and MC. He has twenty-five years experience as a corporate trainer and fifteen years experience as a professional speaker.

He speaks at conferences and seminars across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and in the UK specialising in the areas of sales negotiations, customer service, humour in business and communication skills. His clients include large corporations, government departments, and small to medium size enterprises.

He has co-authored nine books on business communication skills and humour in business that is used extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and South Africa. He writes regular columns on communication skills, sales & customer service and humour in business for a number of industry magazines. He is the creator of the TILT! Selling program.

Kevin spent over thirty years in sales, sales management and sales training before becoming a full-time speaker and workshop leader. His passion is helping underperforming salespeople lift their performance and taking top sales performers to the next level so they can reach their full potential. He is also one of the few sales trainers specializing in sales presentations – particularly relevant for those selling to a board, committee or assessment panel. One organisation that engaged Kevin for training in this area says his guidance has been a major factor in their winning projects worth $50M in just three months.


11 Nov 2021

Course Fee


The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9 am –  5 pm
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