Writing for Social Media: Engaging the Masses, Encouraging Customer Loyalty

by Gael Lee


Why You Should Attend This Course

One misconception about setting up a social media presence is that it is set up, the target audience will automatically visit the site. Often, contests and asking the audience to like your posts will not ensure the sustainability of your social media platform.

A challenge would be creating an environment that’s attention-getting, constantly updated, engaging, personal and even fun! This kind of social media platform would attract a steady and sustainable stream of people.

Then the question arises: How does the social media writer address the faceless masses that make up its audience? Many organisations launch social media offerings but few truly succeed in establishing a loyal base of customers.

This course will help social media writers plan and scope their content, as well leverage on various types of content to ensure that the different types of audience will have reason to visit the social media site.

This course will help you work towards creating and maintaining a steady stream of existing and potential customers who keep coming back for more.

*Note: a laptop is essential for this course as participants will be expected to log on to Facebook and Twitter to post entries as well as write short articles for blogs etc.

  • Learn how to scope content to ensure variety.
  • Distinguish between different types of audiences/users and what they are looking for in terms of content.
  • Differentiate between different types of social media content and how to write the content.
  • Learn how to employ the top-down approach to enable the audience to “grab and go”.
  • Apply summary and tagline techniques to pull the audience to read a longer piece of content.
  • Learn how to edit posts for clarity and conciseness so that content becomes scannable.
  • Learn how to vary word choice to project different personae as well as create different tones (friendly, serious, cool etc).
  • The difference between Print, Speech and Social Media
  • Purpose, Audience, Content
  • Broadcasting your message vs. Addressing your audience
  • Engaging your Audience: Give them a reason to hang around your FaceBook group
  • Creating a buzz: Is your Twitter tweet worth tweeting about?
  • Your organisation’s online persona: Not just a faceless entity
  • Your audience’s online personae: Not just the nameless masses
  • Writing style: Clarity, Conciseness and Correctness
  • Clarity: don’t make your audience think too much
  • Conciseness: using simple sentence structures, LIB method to create scannable text
  • Correctness: simplifying information flow, verifying facts, proofreading
  • Grammar: does it go out the window when it comes to Social Media?

Marketing Communications and Corporate Communications personnel as well as stakeholders and appointed bloggers, writers, media creators of the organisations’ social media platforms will find this course a helpful introduction to the challenges of writing for the faceless masses – web users who are also their customers or potential customers.

Gael Lee conducts training in communications skills for tertiary students and working adults. A book editor and copywriter by profession, Gael has worked in the book publishing industry for a decade before setting up her own copywriting/training business. Her clients range from public service agencies and banks to interior design companies.

Gael holds a Masters of Arts Degree (Language Studies) awarded by the National University of Singapore. She lectures part-time on various Business Communication subjects at tertiary institutions.

As a copywriter, Gael has written web content and online articles for a number of organisations. She has also written guest blog posts. A corporate trainer specialising in written communications, Gael has been conducting several workshops including Copywriting and Writing for Publications. A self-professed tech-savvy Facebook and Instagram user, Gael believes that the time of social media is truly a great time to be a writer.


30 Sep 2021
19 Nov 2021

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The class offers in-class or virtual learning
  • Time: 9am – 5pm

  • SDF Available (Non-WSQ) Code: CRS-N-0024054

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